Rhythm of hair

Your hair has it’s own dance. You explore the rhythm with a hair designer who can define the soul of the hair. Through touching the hair, seeing hair wet and dry and talking to client to explore new possibilities. To change your hair you must look at the whole picture.


Razor cuts

Want a unique change in your haircut? Ask for a razor cut that will give a new fun look. While I was in New York this November I worked with a grand master of the razoring techniques. The old techniques are the new ones. Challenging myself to use a new tool to create with was awkward but stimulating. So I am off now to create some different looks for my psyche. cia Bj

Vivienne Mackinder Class

Spending time with the Fashion Director of Inner Coiffure Vivienne Mackinder was one of the most stimulating experiences of my career.

Her teaching skills are second to no one else of this generation. Razor cutting class was over the top. I spent 16 hours  cutting hair in a very groovy urban loft space in NYC.

Why do I go to NYC to educate? The education is over the top.