6 Best Summer Hair Care Tips

Is your hair ready to beat the heat this summer? The summer heat tends to leave the pores of the skin and scalp open, allowing for further absorption of ingredients in hair products – so make sure your hair and body are absorbing the good stuff! Try out these summer hair care tips!

  1. Use summer hair care products with natural UV protection
  2. Wear a hat or hair scarf
  3. Wear hair in gentle up-dos and stylish braids
  4. Wash your hair right after the pool or sun exposure
  5. Eliminate the green pool hair – add conditioner to your hair prior to jumping in the pool!
  6. Deep conditioning treatments

To help determine your hair texture and what it lacks in the summer, ask your hair stylist.

More info at: http://www.organiccolorsystems.com/6-summer-hair-care-tips/

Rhythm of hair

Your hair has it’s own dance. You explore the rhythm with a hair designer who can define the soul of the hair. Through touching the hair, seeing hair wet and dry and talking to client to explore new possibilities. To change your hair you must look at the whole picture.


New bleaching system

Today I foiled with bleach that blew me away. I foiled with bleach with keritan. Keritan having protein to make the hair stronger is counter intuitive to what I understand bleaching to do. Stay tuned for some great stories from our clients.

Looking forward to many beautiful blonding techniques using the bleach with keratin.

Vivienne Mackinder Class

Spending time with the Fashion Director of Inner Coiffure Vivienne Mackinder was one of the most stimulating experiences of my career.

Her teaching skills are second to no one else of this generation. Razor cutting class was over the top. I spent 16 hours  cutting hair in a very groovy urban loft space in NYC.

Why do I go to NYC to educate? The education is over the top.

Sally Hershberger

Love Sally’s work and website. She’s someone I want to follow in the coming months. Sally’s confidence makes me want to take a class with her. She’s good,very good hairdresser and she knows it. Nothing wrong with that!
Sally was interviewed on the Today Show on 6-14. When she was asked about Keritan smoothing treatments she gave them rave reviews. The potential danger is not affecting any of her clients or staff.
I agree with her but I also do all the reseach on the products I use. Keritan by Coppola is what I recommend.
I like Sally am not afraid to voice my opinion.